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As the fastest growing sport in the world, padel needs a new platform to talk with all the key players. As I am a true racketsport enthusiast, hopefully I can provide a lot of insight through, and this podcast will be a weekly must listen to a lot of people!

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Friday May 10, 2024

This week was really special! 
Started off by speaking to Tom Farquharson, who definitely doesn't need any introduction, while he is one of those few guys who everyone identifies with padel! We met on the Padel Aid in the Padel Hub in Slough as well and shared a few games in the process.
Tom is a junior Wimbledon doubles champion so we got into a lot of tennis, and the grind of the tour and also on how padel just got him an absolute new love!
He is ecstatic doing The Padel School with his brother and also getting to the highest echelons of padel, with being in the selection for Team GB! 
Great treat for the weekend, have a listen!

Thursday May 02, 2024

Nowadays it feels like Nikhil is everywhere!
He is part of the best tutoring platform of The Padel School, he became the ambassador for Padel India, he is number 3 in the GB rankings and just established the R3 Agency, which is giving expert management to the British and International padel players!
And he is just a humble lovely guy!
I caught him in Alicante where he is training for the moment for the FIP Rise tournaments and the results just keep on coming!
In my opinion, this was one of the most easy chats I had! 

Friday Apr 26, 2024

George Modler is exactly what UK padel needs. 
He is young, enthusiastic and full of ideas! He is the founder of the Golden Point Padel Event series, which are tournaments for beginners to intermediate players and he also came up alongside his partner Ben Harris to establish The Padel Directory!
He is part of the 'Bristol Series' of us, Bristolians who fell in love with padel! Great lad, great chat, please do enjoy!

Monday Apr 15, 2024

Andres recognized the niche in the United States to do an all-in-one management and booking software for racket sports a few years ago!
Since then it became the main platform for racket sports players across quite a few countries!
Their main focus is the club owner and they are doing everything they can to make the experience flawless! 
We touch on pickleball, tennis, padel and how's the current situation of padel in the US.

Tuesday Apr 09, 2024

This week's guest was a person who knows more about padel than almost anyone!
An ex coach, ex club manager, club owner and now plays pivotal roles in the Malaga Padel Summit (21-23 of May) and the International Padel Cluster!
He has great knowledge and insight in on several topics, like what padel needs to do to get into the Olympics and what to expect on this great convention which will be held in Malaga!
More than worth a listen for every padel lover!

Saturday Mar 30, 2024

Roxy is padel royalty.
She has played a pivotal role in the boom of the Bristol padel scene and she is now the Head of Padel of Rocket Padel, which is the most ambitious court provider of the UK with Swedish roots.
She is an amazing squash player and getting significantly better in padel as well!
Super fun personality with a lot of valuable insight!

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Double header alert!
Geoff and Ryan from Novor wanted to come on the show quite a few months ago when their brand idea was more of an idea than anything else. Then (wisely), they said it might be a bit too early, but now since their actual launch, it was the right time to tell me about how to build up a completely new brand from scratch!
We talk about their product, what padel means to them and how this idea came about!
This is why you should go to Uni, you might meet your business pal later!

Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

Padel holidays? Sign me up!
What does it take for a Swedish entrepreneur to build his own little Padel paradise in the island of Solta in Croatia! Well, a lot of planning, energy, money and will!
Tom is a padel enthusiast who thought the best way to make people fall in love with the sport even more is to build his holiday getaway called Padel Solta!
Exciting podcast as always and it's more than worth a listen!

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

This week I had Christoffer Granfelt, the founder of InstantPadel on the podcast, who makes padel accessible for the masses.
It is really important for him to point out that he wants padel to grow from grassroots up to the highest level. He is an entrepreneur from Sweden with a clear vision and his company, InstantPadel (which is in the transition of changing their name, we will explain why), came up with a brilliant idea that padel and pickleball (yes, pickleball), could be played on one court!
Great chat, worth a listen!

Monday Mar 04, 2024

Philip Pereira is a real treat for you, podcast listeners!
He has been in padel longer than almost anyone I spoke to so far, and was great fun to have a conversation with! We talk about his past within the publishing industry and how much he can provide for the padel world and especially The Padel Summit in Malaga!
Please go and enjoy!


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