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As the fastest growing sport in the world, padel needs a new platform to talk with all the key players. As I am a true racketsport enthusiast, hopefully I can provide a lot of insight through, and this podcast will be a weekly must listen to a lot of people!

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7 days ago

This week's guest is Ciaran Skinner, who is a Business Development Manager for Skylab. Skylab is giving an amazing tool to padel players, who would like to analyze their game. Have a listen to see on what they could offer to the starters up to the professionals!

Friday Nov 10, 2023

This week, I had the pleasure to talk to Margarita Logvinova, who is behind the amazing cause Padel for Ukraine, and raising awareness on the war in the Ukraine.
I really enjoyed talking to her and was wondering how she could stay so positive throughout the chat, but she is such a revelation and while this is a really hard topic, it was a great chat! We get to know what Padel for Ukraine is, and how Ale Galan and Andriy Shevchenko is connected to the cause!

Saturday Oct 07, 2023

Well, this guy really doesn't need a lot of introduction!
Pablo Garcia is the founder of el4Set, which in Padel is the biggest content creating platform! The back story is amazing and you will get to know the person behind the ideas! He has worked for a padel racket manufacturer as well as Real Madrid, but wanted to follow his own dreams! Amazing stuff, and worth checking out!

Saturday Sep 23, 2023

Eric is the VP of Northeast Padel, which is a Padel court building company, focusing on the North East of the US.
He is an enthusiastic racket sport player, and he is absolutely sold on the idea, that padel can challenge pickleball in the States and make its mark there as well!
Fun episode, free flowing stuff, have a listen!

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

Jack Binstead, actor, comedian and padel pro? He played Rem Dogg in Bad Education and now he is aiming to be world number 1 in adaptive padel.
It has been a hell of a chat, with a lot of joking, a lot of being serious, so it is a must listen!

Thursday Aug 24, 2023

It was really important for me to get an overview of my home country's place in the world of padel, and who better to talk to than the president of the Federation, Peter Kerekes.
He has been playing since 2012, and with a professional tennis background, he had all the tools not just to be great at padel, but to establish 'Premier Padel' the major court provider in Hungary as well as to be the founding member of the Hungarian Padel Federation!
Really good insight on how padel is evolving in central Europe!

Friday Aug 18, 2023

Houman Ashrafzadeh is an Iranian-Swedish entrepreneur, who came up with the brilliant idea to put central London on the padel map!
He is part owner of the Urban Greens healthy food restaurants and has massive ambitions with Padium!
Great chat and play some padel in Padium!

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

This week was special, while Jared is my good mate from university!
He became a really successful padel coach and now solely focuses on that part of coaching! The converted tennis coach!
He got his first world ranking points just a few weeks back in FIP London! Good chat about what we would do to get padel going in the UK even more!

Tuesday Aug 08, 2023

Ben is a super keen start up brand founder!
Do check Farrellys World out, while they are exceptional in what they are doing.
He has been really insightful and told me his/their padel story!

Monday Jul 31, 2023

David is the founder of Padel London, which is a great organization with a 360 approach to padel in London.
He gave a general overview on the situation of padel in London, on what Padel London is doing exactly and what he thinks padel should do to become an Olympic sport and also one of the main sports in the UK.


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