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As the fastest growing sport in the world, padel needs a new platform to talk with all the key players. As I am a true racketsport enthusiast, hopefully I can provide a lot of insight through, and this podcast will be a weekly must listen to a lot of people!

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Friday Aug 18, 2023

Houman Ashrafzadeh is an Iranian-Swedish entrepreneur, who came up with the brilliant idea to put central London on the padel map!
He is part owner of the Urban Greens healthy food restaurants and has massive ambitions with Padium!
Great chat and play some padel in Padium!

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

This week was special, while Jared is my good mate from university!
He became a really successful padel coach and now solely focuses on that part of coaching! The converted tennis coach!
He got his first world ranking points just a few weeks back in FIP London! Good chat about what we would do to get padel going in the UK even more!

Tuesday Aug 08, 2023

Ben is a super keen start up brand founder!
Do check Farrellys World out, while they are exceptional in what they are doing.
He has been really insightful and told me his/their padel story!

Monday Jul 31, 2023

David is the founder of Padel London, which is a great organization with a 360 approach to padel in London.
He gave a general overview on the situation of padel in London, on what Padel London is doing exactly and what he thinks padel should do to become an Olympic sport and also one of the main sports in the UK.

Friday Jul 07, 2023

This was a real fun chat with Nico Larossa who's the country manager of MATCHi. We talk about the WPT, what is Superpibes, and in general, how and why you should use MATCHi! Fellow padel enthusiast content!

Tuesday Jun 27, 2023

This episode is my talking about the big players in padel.
From Coello to Ortega, from Galan to Fede Chingotto. Who uses what brand and what's their WPT rankings.
Coello and Tapia lost the first time this year to the Superpibes and it needed to be recorded in a special episode!

Episode 12, Brad Howard

Saturday Jun 17, 2023

Saturday Jun 17, 2023

This episode is about the pure love for padel.
I had the privilege to talk to Bradley Howard, who is the ambassador for the British Triathlon, has a presence on social media and is absolutely hooked about padel.
We cover our experiences as new players to the game and we try to be as infectious as possible! Please do enjoy

Sunday Jun 11, 2023

Special episode with Fran Villaverde about gear, the pro world, pairings and what's the difference between pro and commercial padel rackets?
This is the first episode of hopefully many with the Padel Company's ceo, Fran, who has inside knowledge on the world of padel!
Every feedback is appreciated, please have a listen and share if you could!

Saturday Jun 03, 2023

On popular demand, everyone's favorite, Barry Coffey is back!
He is talking about the Six Nations, all the effort needed to be put in and how Ireland faired.
We also mentioned his weapon of choice and that we are quite excited about what's happening to padel around us every minute!
Adidaddy at his finest!

Friday May 26, 2023

Rosco is a pioneer! From his tennis background, he fell in love with padel in Spain, and has been deeply and madly in love with the game ever since.
He is one of the shareholders of We Are Padel, which is part of the LeDap Group, and has been successfully opening padel-centers left, right and center.
I had the privilege to talk openly with him and he gave a good insight of the mind of a padel provider!


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